The Enneagram Coach's Checklist

5 Short Emails. 5 Lessons. 1 More step in your coaching journey.

Learn how to plant the seed so that your listeners get it.

Preview of the 5 mistakes πŸ‘‡

  • Lesson 1:πŸ™… Not explaining your own Enneagram number first.

    Why– If you don't explain your own bias, it limits the system and prevents the other person from being vulnerable and authentic.

  • Lesson 2:🌐 Not explaining the scope of the Enneagram.

    Why– There is a lot to cover, and the person you are explaining this to isn't going to understand the entire system in one sitting.

  • Lesson 3:🧐 Not demystifying "Personality."

    Why– This makes everything sound complicated and unapproachable. The person thinks this is all either scientific or pseudoscience.

  • Lesson 4:🎭 Not showing how the Enneagram is linked to emotions.

    Why– The person will be biased towards their core emotion and may not accept the Enneagram system.

  • Lesson 5:🌟 Not giving examples of other famous Enneagram types.

    Why– It's hard to psychoanalyze yourself, but it is easy to psychoanalyze other people.

Written by DJ Wayne, an average guy has been obsessed with the Enneagram for 5+ years, and has...

  • written 100+ articles
  • explained it to everyone he knows
  • and is ready to share everything